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How to Put Together Your Very First Cocktail Menu

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The first things that you should consider are the trends, flavors of the season, and types of drinks that you want to include on your list. You are not required to approach things in a seasonal manner. There are some who do and those who don’t. There’s a good chance that a refreshing Elderflower Cocktail will likewise do quite well in sales throughout the fall season. In point of fact, this may be a contentious assertion, but Seasonal Menus are sometimes left to the highest-end Cocktail Bars. This is because these establishments ensure that all of the ingredients they use are fresh, and they make their own syrups and purees from scratch.

Despite this, it is important to monitor trends as they develop. If Rum is the most popular spirit right now, having a cocktail menu that Gin largely influences will not help your business at all. If 75 percent of your spirit sales come from Gin, you shouldn’t disregard that fact. Nonetheless, you should still provide something that caters to various tastes.

Menu Categories

Please take into consideration the overall appearance of the Menu…as well as the way it is written. Your Segments or Categories.

  • Will you be classifying cocktails according to the spirit used?
  • Will they be categorized according to the type of glass used, such as Martini and Hi-Ball serves?
  • Will they be categorized according to their drink type, such as “Fun and Tropical” and “Classy and Elegant”?
  • It would be best if you didn’t overlook that the No and Low categories provide decent payouts. Some customers do not intend to purchase alcoholic beverages when they come in. On the other hand, Coca-Cola, lemonade, or orange juice are all things that even a non-drinker is not interested in consuming.
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Create a List of Drinks

It is time to start laying down all the drinks after you have a mental picture of what would work for you, your crew, your location, and your consumers. In this instance, the more that there are, the better. The whole point of this exercise is to start getting rid of the Beverages that you believe will have less appeal or be the slow movers, and because one of those goals is to start with the ones that you think will have the least attraction. Try putting up twenty different cocktail options even if you only believe you want ten on the Menu. Yet, it would be best if you didn’t only list them to do so. Make a list of the cocktails that you would like to sell.

Where to Get Ideas For Cocktails and Other Beverages

  • Your very own inventions and that includes your team. (organizing an “in-house” Team Competition is a fantastic idea for this purpose, and it also helps improve morale)
  • Books about Mixed Drinks
  • Brands Websites
  • Instagram

The trick is not to steal, even if no one can truly “own” a recipe in the traditional sense. But if you can take the concept and create a cocktail with your unique spin, that would be excellent.

For instance, Steve the Barman claims that every Menu he has ever designed has a “Woo Woo” somewhere on it. It’s Successful. That generates a lot of revenue for your business. Nevertheless, I have never merely listed a regular Woo Woo before. For instance, I’ve substituted the vodka with something like raspberry and perhaps added cherry puree made with the Monin brand. When you put something like “Berries and Cherries Woo Woo” on a menu, people go crazy about it, even though it’s a basic modification. And you can accomplish it with a wide variety of classic drinks.”

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Now What?

As soon as you get a list of the possibilities. There are some things that you are REQUIRED to accomplish right now.

  • Do some research to ensure that you will not have trouble locating any necessary materials. To clarify, you need to ensure that you can replace them within the next few days.
  • Figure out their costs (which will be covered in a future blog post).
  • Construct them. You have to witness for yourself how fast and simple the preparation is. And you have to evaluate each one based on how it tastes. You should never put a cocktail on the Menu that you believe tastes “blah,” since people will be disappointed. If you have ten items on a list, every single one must make the reader exclaim, “Wow, that’s good!”

Final Pointers

Remember that you are looking at employing Brands and Items that your venue has solid connections with and that people can buy into when you are in this phase of the process. Using the case of JJ Whitley or Whitley Neill again as an illustration. It would not make sense for you to begin utilizing Absolut in cocktails if you already offer the products in question. But it allows you to be creative within the brand. Heading for a visit to the Woo Woo once more. By utilizing J.J. Whitley’s Raspberry Vodka or Peach and Apricot Vodka, you can create fantastic variations on classic cocktails without straying from the tried and true brands you already offer customers.

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