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The 2023 Seafood Present Book Best Recipes and Samplers

The 2023 Seafood Present Book Best Recipes and Samplers

It is the time for merriment and feasting. The only thing better than a good dinner is a wonderful meal. You should treat the people you care about to a taste of the freshest seafood available.

Samplers of Cameron’s fresh seafood and crab are a great way to introduce your guests and family to some of our most popular items. We offer three different samplers, each carefully crafted to include a wide range of flavors and textures.

Our Maryland Seafood Sampler, for the Seafood Expert

Without a doubt, this is the finest assortment of seafood we carry. You’ll discover… in our Maryland Seafood Sampler.

  • Our 6 Largest, Freshest, Premium Maryland Crabs. These aren’t your dad’s crabs, sir! All of our crab products, including our large crabs, which measure an average of over 5 1/2 inches in length (from point to point), are caught, steamed, and delivered the same day to guarantee maximum freshness.
  • Two of our renowned giant lump crab cake sets. Our hearts go into making these crab cakes. Every morning, we use a triple-crab-to-binder ratio (so much crab!) in making our original Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes from scratch.
  • 1 pound of shrimp, cooked with spices. Our special Maryland-style spice combination complements these giant shrimp to perfection.
  • 32 ounces of our luscious crabmeat bisque. Our favorite family recipe calls for True Blue genuine Maryland jumbo lump crab meat, and we make this soup from scratch every morning.

Recipes Inspired by a Sampling of Maryland Seafood

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This package of delectable seafood is only the beginning of the culinary possibilities it offers. A few of our top picks follow.

This Grilled Blue Crabs with Garlicky Mop is perfect for the Premium Big Maryland Crabs. The crab flesh in this dish has an intensely flavorful flavor because to the butter that is infused into it.

The Crab Cake Carbonara is a fantastically original accompaniment to the Giant Lump Crab Cakes. This crab cake take on traditional spaghetti carbonara lives up to the dish’s reputation for creamy richness.

The Spiced Shrimp believes that Shrimp and Grits is the breakfast of champions. This dish epitomizes the warm hospitality of the South and the comfort of traditional southern cooking.

In the unlikely event that you have leftover soup, we highly recommend transforming our Crab Bisque into a stunning sauce. Tossing roasted chicken, seared steak, or baked fish with our bisque is a favorite at our house.

Our Maryland Crab Cake Variety Pack, featuring the Blue Crab stronghold of Maryland.

This sampling is perfect for the Maryland blue crab lover on your list

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What’s in the package is…

  • Crab cakes made with 2 of our 4oz large lumps. Ideal for appetizers and crab cake sandwiches.
  • You get two of our 8-ounce jumbo lump crab cakes. These massive crab cakes are great as a main dish or as a surf-and-turf accompaniment.
  • The sampling features a return of the crabmeat bisque. Providing some deliciously traditional, laid-back warmth on a cool day.

Recipes for Maryland’s Famous Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are a favorite of ours. They go with a wide variety of dishes and have international appeal, not simply those from Maryland or the East Coast. Three of the best crab cake recipes ever are provided here.

Crab cake tacos with jalapeo and lime aioli are a fantastic fusion dish. The big lump crab’s sweet buttery taste goes wonderfully with the spicy aioli.

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This trio of Crab Cake Morning Biscuit recipes is a warm and satisfying alternative to the usual breakfast fare. There’s the Eggy Cubano Crab Cake Biscuit (yum), the Southern-Style Crab Cake Biscuit (ham and pimento cheese, yum), and the cheesy cheddar scallion Crab Cake Biscuit (swoon) (inspired by Cubano sandwich with Swiss, ham, pickles, and mustard).

Blue Crab Cake Stuffed Peppers are a great weekday meal since they are quick and simple to prepare.

A Sampling of Maryland Crab Soup for the Relaxed Cook

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s also the season for gifts and sweaters. We recommend the Maryland Crab Soup Sampler for the person on your list who always seems to get a cold first.

What’s in the package is…

  • Our fan-favorite crabmeat bisque, in a 32-ounce serving.
  • Our crab gumbo, a 32-ounce bowl of New Orleans-style gumbo with Maryland crab meat, vegetables, herbs, and spices stewed in a tomato-based broth, is a surefire hit.
  • Lobster bisque in a 32-ounce serving. Around 1/4 pound of real Maine lobster flesh is nestled within this velvety soup. Every bite is like eating a piece of New England.

Recipes for Maryland Crab Soup as a Taster

What person doesn’t have a soft spot for a steaming bowl of soup? If you’re seeking for ways to spice up these quick supper options, we have plenty of ideas.

We’ve written a full blog post on the best accompaniments to go with soup, so you can make a well-rounded meal. Soup Season has something for everyone, whether you want the traditional soup and salad or soup and sandwich, or you prefer soup-worthy dip-ables. The Parts We Like Most.

We also have an article outlining all the ways you can remix soup if you or the receiver of your gift would like to spice things up a little with your soup choices. Have Leftover Soup? offers previews of various casseroles, pasta recipes, and savory sauces to go with proteins.

Get No-cost Delivery When You Buy Samples.

The Christmas season is the perfect time to indulge your loved ones with some of our fresh seafood and crab samplers. Give the present that will be remembered for all time: a taste of this unforgettable adventure. We have a wide variety of seafood available, and we can ship it to you in most states without charging you more for the delivery! Cameron’s Seafood guarantees the recipient’s complete happiness with every gift basket we provide. Just go to the page now and get your shopping done!

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