5 little things you can do every day to lose weight

Increase breakfast protein

Many studies link protein to weight loss. If you want to lose a lot of weight, start your day by eating more protein in breakfast.

This one habit change can set you up for weight loss success all day long. Protein in the morning boosts metabolism and curbs appetite.

Reduce alcohol intake

Your favorite white wine or fruity drink won't help you lose weight. Alcohol fills you up with empty calories

Cutting down on alcohol will help you lose weight faster, reduce belly fat and feel much lighter physically

Reduce sugar

Avoiding added sugar to lose weight. Juice, Soda, Energy Drink, Sweetened Coffee, Chocolate, Protein Bar

Flavored yogurt, and other packaged foods, contain added sugars. 36 grams for a female and a male

Hydrate—especially before meals

Drinking enough water can boost metabolism, reduce appetite and improve workouts.

These are important variables for weight loss. Drinking more water throughout the day has been shown to promote weight loss, especially when you drink a glass before your meals.

Track nutrition and exercise

Tracking your eating patterns can help you identify mindless snacking or post-dinner binges.

Start by tracking your food and exercise routine. This can give you great insight into what to change immediately to stop the key habits that are preventing your weight loss.