5 Simple Resistance Band Exercises to Lose Weight

1. Pushup To perform a resistance band pushup, wrap the band around your thighs and go into a high plank position. Put some space between your feet—more than hip-width apart.

Carefully lower your body until it's almost touching the ground, then forcefully push back up to the starting position. Pay attention to the extra thigh and oblique engagement as you go through this strenuous sequence of action.

2. Forearm Planks with Knee Bends Forearm plank with elbows beneath shoulders and resistance band around thighs. Your head-to-toe line should be straight. First, stabilize, then alternate knee bending.

To emphasize deeper abdominal work and intensify thighs and glutes, pull up from under the navel as the leg bends toward the floor. As a straight-arm plank, this exercise will challenge your upper body.


3. Double-Tube Resistance Band Plank Another plank variant requires a twin tube resistance band. Hold the tube with one hand in the center and one on the handle. For hip and lower back alignment, put your feet wider than hip-width.

Pull the opposite elbow straight up toward the ceiling. Epic core stability and upper-body rowing merge in this difficult plank and upper-body stabilization workout. "Keep shoulders and hips square to the floor—you should feel the obliques big time!"

4. Band-Squats Banded squats require a short resistance band above your knees and a solid base. Hands on hips or out in front. While squatting, press your knees out against the band's resistance. Lower to parallel. Press both feet to stand up.

5. Tricep extensions Instead of hand weights, you may load triceps extensions using resistance bands. Tabletop position with one hand on the floor keeping band tension.

Grab the other band (or end) in the opposite hand and stretch that arm behind you, maintaining your shoulders straight to the floor. Band tension should start instantly!