7 weight loss habits of losers

Three meals and two snacks are typical

NWCR researchers say overweight people eat less often. Five daily meals limit overeating desires.

They changed their diet to lose weight

Nearly all Registry participants—98%—changed their diet to reduce weight. Maybe it was drinking water before meals or something else. 

After waking, they eat

Breakfast is a Registry staple. According to NWCR, 78% never skip breakfast.New research questions nutritionists' advise to eat breakfast to lose weight.

Weekly weigh-ins

75% of Registry participants weigh themselves weekly. Weekly weigh-ins provide accountability. Seeing the scale drop might drive you to eat well and exercise

They exercise and watch little TV

Less screen time equals more time to be active.WCRFI established a link between viewing TV and weight increase and obesity. 

They drink a lot of water

Water helped most lose weight.42% of NWCR Obesity participants said changing their drink was key to their progress. 

They love routine

Men and women who dropped a consistent amount of pounds weekly had better results after one and two years than those who dropped only in the early weeks of their weight loss program.