Bodyweight chest exercises

Dumbbell workouts may strengthen your core muscles simply. Low back, abdominal, and pelvic muscles.

Dips, unlike press-ups, demand you to elevate your complete bodyweight from the ground. 


Elevating your feet during press-ups changes the angle against you, increasing resistance and gains.

Upper-body workout

 You may extend your chest and target additional muscle fibers by lifting your hands on handles on each side of your torso .

Press ups


The rings' instability can protect your shoulders and extend your pecs. Elevating your feet increases resistance and chest pumping.

Ring pushups

The press-up is the ideal portable pec builder, excellent for high-rep blasts, but we need to nail each rep by regulating the tempo (speed) and keeping the pecs tight.

Tempo push-ups

Unlike the barbell bench press, having both hands move independently allows you to produce a greater range of motion that suits your technique.

Flat-dumbbell press

Squeezing your chest to warm up helps you connect with your pecs before the remainder of your workout.

Squeeze-press dumbbell