Doctors say sleep deprivation affects more than just how tired you are

Ascendant Detox medical director David Seitz, MD, tells Best Life that most individuals need seven to nine hours of "consistent, uninterrupted sleep" each night.

 Your nightly routine may be to blame. "Not getting enough sleep can make a person more prone to irritation and mood swings," adds Seitz. 

You're irritated

Sleeplessness causes illness. Deep sleep restores and maintains our immune system and other vital processes.

Your illness persists


Thus, your hunger levels may rise or fall, and you may crave unhealthy foods like sweets and processed carbs.

Your appetite shifts

 If you don't get enough sleep, you may have morning headaches, according to Assisted Living contributor Nancy Mitchell, RN.

Morning headaches

Sleep deprivation reduces blood flow to the skin, making it paler, and impairs its capacity to retain moisture, resulting in dry, easily irritated skin.

Your skin looks bad