Dumbbell Abs Exercises Benefits

Dumbbell workouts may strengthen your core muscles simply. Low back, abdominal, and pelvic muscles.

Sit cross-legged. Put your heels down and bend your knees. Dumbbell in front of chest. Lean back and hinge at the hips. Slowly twist right. Start again. Repeat left.

Russian spin

Sit cross-legged. Dumbbell in front of chest. Get up. Twist right using your core. Slowly re-center. Repeat left.

Dumbell rowboat

Lay on your back with a dumbbell overhead. Raise your feet. Raise your legs 90°. While lifting your upper body, raise the dumbbell toward your feet. Return slowly.

 Suitcase crush


Bending your elbows, hold a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder-height with your palms facing front. Raise the weight by extending your left arm. Lower your arm slowly.

Stand hip-width apart

A dumbbell on your right hip and feet stacked. Raise your hips and legs high. Hold for many seconds. Return slowly.

Sideplank lift

Recline on a mat. Plant your feet. Hold a dumbbell behind you. Do situps or crunches with the weight overhead. Lower yourself slowly.

Long-arm dumbbell crunch

The Bird Dog position is scalable and needs balance and stability. Beginners start with this version.

Weighted situp