Haircuts for Women Over 50 That Never Go Out of Style

Creamy blonde layered bob This bob starts below the chin and goes to the back of the head. It looks rough like the Pixie Bob, but not as thick. It's ideal for light, short hair.

Summer blonde layered bob This bob is similar to the first, but the rear is longer than the front, which finishes at the chin. Women over 50 who like fuller bobs will love it.

Bright Blonde Layered Bob This blonde bob is perfect for women who want their clothing to shine. Short nape and front edges end just below the chin.


 Highlighted Layered Bob A blonde bob for longer hair. For 50s bob-loving women, its bronzey hair color is lovely. Bang Bob with forehead-covering portions.

Dark-Haired Layered Bob Different hair color. However, this haircut is perfect for women of any skin tone. The edges reach just below the chin and curve sportily at the cape.

Gray Layered Bob For grandma's hair, try a layered grey bob. This hairdo is perfect for active women who wish to maintain their maturity. Despite covering the nape, the front edges hang just above the chin due to a small parting at the font.

Neck-Length Layered Bob For shoulder-length hairstyles, try this bob. This grey bob haircut gracefully ends at the jawline and extends to the shoulders. This is my favorite over-50 layered bob haircut.

Face-Framed Layered Bob Dark hair again. Chubby-chin females will love this hairstyle. Its curled edges matched that face well. Even though the borders curve forward, the back seems trimmed.

Inverted Bob Great inverted bob! The best part is that anyone may wear this hairdo. This hairstyle is perfect for drawing attention. The bob's wavy side ends below the chin and extends to the shoulders.