Healthiest Foods

Lean protein, lentils, and other nutrient-rich meals can improve your health and weight. Healthy bodies vary. 

Misconceptions about how your body manages cholesterol caused these anxieties. Your diet or liver supply it as needed.

Whole eggs

They're ideal for weight loss due to their qualities. Fiber and nutrients keep you full and hydrated.

 Leafy greens


Salmon contains healthful lipids, protein, and other elements. That keeps you full and helps you lose weight.


They're fiber-rich and satisfying like other veggies. These vegetables also include some protein. They have high protein for vegetables.

Cruciferous veggies

We don't know if red meat causes heart disease or diabetes, beyond sustainability and ethics.

 Lean meats and chicken breast

Potatoes and other root vegetables are great weight-loss and health foods.

Potatoes and roots

Salmon and tuna provide protein and brain-boosting fish fats . To cut calories, consume canned tuna with water.


Legumes can aid weight reduction. Lentils, black beans, kidney beans, and others.

Legumes and beans

Legumes and bean

Slurping, smelling, tasting, chilling, and eating soup takes longer than other meals.