Healthy Dinner Recipes

You've found nutritious, tasty, easy-to-make dinner ideas for leftovers. These healthy supper ideas are easy to meal prep and delicious. 

These patties, made with black beans, adobo sauce, cumin, and smoky paprika, are ideal for grilling or frying.

Chipotle Black Bean Burger

 The hearty stew with lentils and vegetables is topped with fluffy dumplings for a fulfilling supper.

Vegan Dumpling Stew


These quesadillas, made with hummus instead of cheese, are filled with tasty vegetables and beans.

Hummus quesadillas

This vegan and gluten-free Chickpea Curry or Chana Masala with Mushroom is a gentle and creamy Indian meal.

Chickpea-Mushroom Curry

It takes 30 minutes to make using canned tomatoes, garlic, and coconut milk and will fulfill your pasta needs.

Coconut-Milk Pasta Sauce

This vegan moussaka has layers of soft roasted eggplant slices, a rich tomato-based ragu sauce prepared with vegan ground beef.

Vegan Moussaka

Our 5-ingredient alfredo sauce recipe is quick and healthy. It's creamy, tasty, and done in 15 minutes—the ultimate quick meal.

 Alfredo Sauce

With layers of marinara sauce and spinach tofu ricotta filling, this vegetarian lasagna is a healthy and delicious comfort dish.

Spinach Lasagna

The meatiest vegan beef burger? Because TVP gives it a chewy, ground beef-like texture and no vegetarian flavour.

Big Mac Meatless Burger

This 5-ingredient lemon pepper spaghetti takes 15 minutes to make and tastes great. 

Lemon-Pepper Asparagus Pasta

Colorful and tasty veggie kabobs. They grill well and make a fantastic BBQ or party side dish.

Vegetable Skewers

 They make a great oven-free main dish or side with their crispy surface and delicate inside.

Cauliflower Steak

 It takes 20 minutes and is served with turmeric rice and soft lentils, snappy broccoli florets, and sweet corn.

Broccoli-Lentil Stir-Fry