Increase in size this winter, here's how to lose it

Limit alcohol

Drinking wine may improve heart health, prevent kidney stones, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

Limit all alcohol to one to two drinks a week [this] will help you de-bloating and cut those unnecessary calories

Increase cardio

High-intensity cardio boosts workouts.This can quickly burn fat and water weight

Run/walk intervals, speed walking, or jump rope will get your heart rate up. Cardio, according to studies, burns belly fat and overall body fat in half the time of steady-state exercise.

Limit processed foods

Healthy people avoid processed meals. The majority of processed, packaged foods are laden with saturated fat, sugar, and salt.

 All of these might keep you from losing weight. Instead, buy lean meats, fresh and frozen veggies, and whole grains from the store's perimeter.

Avoid salt

Salty meals may cause the scale to rise in a week or even a few days.Mitri thinks salt causes weight gain also.

Salt intake causes water weight, especially if you gained weight fast. Instead of salt, focus on healthy foods, herbs, and spices to lower your salt intake.

Eat on smaller plates

Finally, use smaller plates for prepared meals. Winter meals with guests and family usually require bigger dishes and serving platters.

ust this one simple swap can cut hundreds of calories from your day without any feeling of deprivation.