Indicates you've found your true love

You can be you When you're in their presence, you know you can relax. You may speak freely and openly without worrying about what others would think. Stress and worry are washed away.


Each other's backs In dangerous situations, they will look out for you. Not all of these threats have to be physical; they might be psychological attempts to shield you from your own destructive tendencies.


You're perfect together. Some aspects of yourself are fragile and poorly understood. Perhaps you're not great in the kitchen or at expressing your emotions, but your partner excels in these areas.


You let go of conflicts. You can't expect to constantly get along swimmingly and agree on everything. Even if you and your partner occasionally lose your cool and have an argument, you can resolve your differences and move on.



You're their priority. Finding your soul mate is synonymous with falling in love. When you love someone, you care as much about their happiness as you do your own. One's soul mate's happiness is more important than one's own.


Your differences are celebrated. You can find your soulmate even if you don't share a same upbringing, race, religious beliefs, etc. They appreciate and revel in one another's unique qualities.


being able to read others Soulmates have an innate ability to read each other's minds and emotions. You'll need to keep the lines of communication open, but it seems like they already know a lot.


Feeling in one's gut Intuitively, you know this is the ideal person for the job. When you finally realize that this person is "the one" for you, you won't be able to take your eyes off of them.


Perfect time When it comes to love, timing is everything. Correct timing is essential. You know, deep down, that you're prepared to meet this person even if you haven't yet.


You share ambitions. Soulmates help each other succeed. Soulmates support one other in returning to school, starting a new career, or returning to the gym.