Intense Superfoods You Must Have Right Now

Spelt Ancient spelled, like whole wheat, is sweeter, nuttier, and richer in protein than processed wheat. Both are manganese and copper rich.

Turmeric When you have a toothache or sprain, try curry, which contains turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory.

Cinnamon Cinnamon has the greatest antioxidant content of all spices. Adding it to diet helps stabilize blood glucose levels and keep you full.

Oregano A half teaspoon of dried oregano has the antioxidants of a spinach salad. Oregano relieves congestion and aids digestion.

Ginger, Cayenne, Black Pepper Gingerols, capsaicin, and piperine, metabolism-boosting chemicals, cause ginger, cayenne, and black pepper to burn your tongue. They're aphrodisiacs, but hot flashers should avoid them.


Miso Fermented soybean paste miso provides two grams of protein per 25-calorie serving. Zinc and B12 boost the immune system.

Sardines Wild-caught sardines have as much calcium as a cup of milk and are low in mercury. Better yet, the Monterey Bay Aquarium recommends them for sustainability.

Sesame Seeds Sesamin and sesamolin, unique lignans, can decrease cholesterol in tiny, delicious sesame seeds. The seeds include calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and copper, which may strengthen bones.

Walnuts Walnuts have the greatest alpha-linolenic omega-3 fatty acids, which decrease LDL cholesterol and artery inflammation. Walnuts provide antioxidants, vitamin E, selenium, and magnesium.

Green tea Green tea offers the most antioxidants per cup. EGCG boosts metabolism and protects cardiac muscles. Green tea may promote bone density, however milk may limit catechin absorption.

Figs Figs provide approximately 2 grams of fiber and have been eaten for millennia in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilizations. They're calcium and potassium-rich.