Non-Cake Summer Wedding Desserts

There are numerous innovative summer wedding cake alternatives that can make your big day stand out. 

After dinner, a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar will chill your guests. 

Sundae Bar

A golden marshmallow and melted chocolate between graham crackers evokes childhood vacations. 

Smores Station


Leavitt proposes ending your celebration with fresh fruit shortcake bars. 

Strawberry-Shortcake Bars

 A food truck serving this dessert during a carnival-themed party will add atmosphere and interactivity. 

Cotton Candy

If it's part of your color palette, bright green will go nicely with June-August's bold colors. 

Keylime Pie

Wedding cupcakes are trendy now. James recommends piña colada for a tropical flavour. 

Coconut Cupcakes

 Freiberg claims they make many sweet doughnut dipping sauces to customise the dish.  

Donut Wall

Peach cobbler embodies summer. James highly recommends this dessert. 

Peach Cobbler