The Best No-Bake Desserts You’re Not Making Yet 

This delicious no-bake beauty is my pride. It's refreshing and ideal for summer potlucks. 

Key Lime Cream Pie

My rich and creamy banana pudding is requested for all occasions by friends and family. 

Banana Pudding


Media crema, a thick, unsweetened cream, typically sold in the baking aisle or ethnic cuisine department.

Creamy Fresas

This coconut milk chia pudding dish is simple and straightforward to make.  Shredded coconut adds taste. 

 Almond Joy Chia Pudding

 When I first tried this recipe, my husband remarked it was better than the baked ones, which was great.

Tripleberry No-Bake Cheesecake

My family loves them. No matter how many I produce, they go too fast! Ephrata.

Delicious Crackers

Lemoncello tiramisu is a refreshing take on traditional Italian dessert.

Limoncello tiramisu

This dessert resembles stained-glass windows when sliced into squares.

Shattered Dessert

Possum Pie was in the previous café owner's recipe box. We've served it since.

Possum Pie