The Royal Participants in King Charles' Coronation Procession

Following King Charles' coronation, a majestic procession took place, featuring several members of the royal family riding in grandeur.

Queen Consort Adelaide, King Charles' wife, rode alongside him in a resplendent carriage, symbolizing their united reign.

Crown Prince Edward, the heir apparent, rode proudly on horseback, showcasing his future role as the next monarch.

Princess Alexandra, King Charles' sister, was also part of the procession, radiating grace and elegance as she accompanied her brother.

The King's younger brother, Prince William, joined the procession, embodying the royal family's support and unity.

Princess Margaret, the beloved aunt of King Charles, rode in a carriage, capturing the attention of the crowds with her regal presence.

The King's cousins, Prince Henry and Princess Beatrice, added to the splendor of the procession, representing the extended royal lineage.

Members of the royal guard accompanied the procession, showcasing their loyalty and dedication to the monarch.

Dignitaries and foreign ambassadors joined the procession, symbolizing the global significance of the coronation and strengthening diplomatic ties.

The procession route was lined with cheering crowds, demonstrating the public's excitement and support for the newly crowned King Charles and the entire royal family.