‘Yellowstone’ to end in November, sequel starts in December

The highly acclaimed television western series, "Yellowstone," featuring Kevin Costner, is set to conclude this autumn, making way for an immediate sequel. However, much like any captivating drama, there is an element of mystery surrounding it.

Paramount, the cable network that currently airs "Yellowstone," announced that the untitled sequel will premiere in December. This follows the success of the original series created by Taylor Sheridan, which revolved around Costner's portrayal of John Dutton, a rancher in Montana.

 The fifth season premiere in November garnered an impressive viewership of 12.1 million on its debut night, surpassing all other scripted shows that aired in the previous fall season.

 This achievement is noteworthy, considering the show's absence from a traditional broadcast network.

Reflecting on the show's journey, Costner expressed, "We have managed to craft a series that initially may not have been widely popular but succeeded on its own terms," during an interview with The Associated Press last year.

"Yellowstone" will conclude with new episodes airing in November, although the exact number of episodes has not been disclosed.

 As of now, filming for these episodes has not taken place, and it remains uncertain whether Costner will continue his involvement, amidst reports suggesting his potential departure from the series.

Paramount refrained from commenting on this matter, with a spokesperson stating, "Kevin Costner is an integral part of 'Yellowstone,' and we hope he continues to be for a considerable time."

101 Studios, in partnership with MTV Entertainment, the production company behind "Yellowstone," assured that the new series would seamlessly carry forward from where "Yellowstone" left off, delivering yet another grand tale.

 Although the sequel remains unnamed, the inclusion of the word "Yellowstone" in the title is significant. This distinguishes it from spinoffs such as "1883" or "1923."

Despite reports suggesting that Matthew McConaughey has signed on to star in the sequel, Paramount denies these claims. However, a spokesperson acknowledged McConaughey's exceptional talent, expressing a desire to collaborate with him in the future.