Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Breakfast Part - 1

ARIES  You enjoy speed because Mars rules you. You need a grab-and-go breakfast. If you have time, make some healthy almond flour and nut muffins to grab on your way out.

TAURUS Taurus, your slowness might hurt you at breakfast on hectic weekdays. Before you go, scramble eggs and slice fruit.

GEMINI Having many breakfast options helps you eat healthy regularly as you switch between favorites. To choose what to eat each day, keep muesli and hard-boiled eggs on available.

CANCER Cancers appreciate a hearty breakfast like oatmeal with nuts and fruit. There are many of ways to have a pleasant breakfast without ruining your diet.


LEO Leo, the queen of the zodiac, needs someone else to cook, serve, and clean up your breakfast.

LEO In honor of the sun, your ruler and the zodiac's heart, watch portions and choose heart-healthy food. You like egg-white omelets.

VIRGO Virgo, you like everything healthy. Start your day with a protein smoothie or locate the next big breakfast craze on Pinterest (baked avocado eggs, anyone?). Healthy is fine.